Why is the app stuck on a "Loading" screen when I check out?

When you see a perpetual loading screen at checkout, it's likely you're attempting to purchase a pass that our app doesn't currently support. This isn't your fault, nor is it the fault of the business -- rather, our app simply doesn't know how to handle this particular purchase. We're working on it!

Why does this happen?

It's due to a type of discount we call an "early bird special." This type of discount provides savings when you buy a pass before a specific date, but it's not yet supported in your version of the app.

How can I complete my purchase?

The easiest way is to visit the business's website through a desktop computer. Just log in with your existing account, or create a new one, and complete your purchase using your web browser. Alternatively, you can email the business, give them a call, or let them know you'd like to make a purchase during your next visit.

Check out the Contact screen to see what other options are available to you.

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