Can I log in with a username instead of my email address?

It depends: are you a new client, or a client with an existing username?

New clients

If you're a new client, you'll need to use your full email address when logging in to your account -- the ability to create a username has been phased out in recent versions of the app. This also applies if you created an account previously, but never entered a username.

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Existing clients

If you have an existing username tied to your account, you can continue to use it with the app.

With that said, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind when logging in with a username:

  • If you never created a username, you won't be able to create a username now.
  • Your existing username cannot be changed.
  • Your username is used solely for logging in to the app -- it won't display on sign-in sheets or otherwise be shown to the business.

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