Can I redeem my account credit through the app?


If you have a positive account balance with the business, you'll receive a notification during checkout:

Simply tap Yes to apply the credit to your purchase, or No to save it for later.

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What if I change my mind?

You'll still have the opportunity to apply, or remove, your account credit during checkout.

  • Tap the +Apply button to redeem your credit.
  • Tap the ×Remove button to remove your credit.

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Can I choose to use only part of my credit?

You cannot. Your full account balance is automatically applied to your purchase. If you have a $100 account credit, for instance, you can't choose to redeem $50 now and save the rest for later.

If your account credit doesn't cover the entire cost of the purchase, you'll need to pay the remainder with your credit or debit card.

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