My Info: Classes, appointments, purchases, and account information

The My Info screen contains information on your current schedule, past visits, and purchase history. Please note that each section listed under My Info is optional, meaning some sections may not be shown on your version of the app.

  • My Classes: Displays currently scheduled classes and workshops.
  • My Waitlists: Displays waitlisted classes, and your current place in line.
  • My Appointments: Displays currently scheduled appointments.
  • My Attendance: Displays past visits, including classes, appointments, and workshops.
  • My Purchases: Displays services and products you've purchased.
  • My Account: Displays your current passes, contact information, and any account balance held with the business. If the business allows it, you may also edit your profile and stored credit card from this screen. Click here to learn more about the My Account screen.

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